• Anum Nawaz
    Ph.D. Student
    email: anum.nawaz[at]unipr.it
    mailing address:
    Dip. di Ingegneria e Architettura
    Parco Area delle Scienze, 181A
    43124 Parma

    Anum Nawaz was born in Pakistan and received her BS(hons.) degree in Information Technology from GC University, Pakistan.

    She received her double Masters (Tech.) degree in Information and Communication Science and Technology from the University of Turku, Finland and Fudan University, Shanghai.

    She got a fully-funded scholarship grant from Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) for her masters degree.

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Privacy of Edge Devices
    • Blockchain
    • Autonomous Systems

  • 2023

    Anum Nawaz; Muhammad Irfan; Tomi Westerlund

    Optical Character Recognition Using Optimized Convolutional Networks* Inproceedings

    In: 2023 Eighth International Conference on Fog and Mobile Edge Computing (FMEC), pp. 107-114, 2023.

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    Muhammad Irfan; Husnain Jawad; Barkoum Betra Felix; Saadullah Farooq Abbasi; Anum Nawaz; Saeed Akbarzadeh; Muhammad Awais; Lin Chen; Tomi Westerlund; Wei Chen

    Non-Wearable IoT-Based Smart Ambient Behavior Observation System Journal Article

    In: IEEE Sensors Journal, 21 (18), pp. 20857-20869, 2021.

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    Anum Nawaz; Jorge Peña Queralta; Jixin Guan; Muhammad Awais; Tuan Nguyen Gia; Ali Kashif Bashir; Haibin Kan; Tomi Westerlund

    Edge Computing to Secure IoT Data Ownership and Trade with the Ethereum Blockchain Journal Article

    In: Sensors, 20 (14), pp. 3965, 2020, ISSN: 1424-8220.

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    Muhammad Awais; Chen Chen; Xi Long; Bin Yin; Anum Nawaz; Saadullah Farooq Abbasi; Saeed Akbarzadeh; Linkai Tao; Chunmei Lu; Laishuan Wang; Ronald M. Aarts; Wei Chen

    Novel Framework: Face Feature Selection Algorithm for Neonatal Facial and Related Attributes Recognition Journal Article

    In: IEEE Access, 8 , pp. 59100-59113, 2020.

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    Tuan Nguyen Gia; Anum Nawaz; Jorge Peña Querata; Hannu Tenhunen; Tomi Westerlund

    Artificial Intelligence at the Edge in the Blockchain of Things Book Chapter

    In: Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare, pp. 267–280, Springer International Publishing, 2020, ISSN: 1867-822X.

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    A. Nawaz; T. N. Gia; J. Peña Queralta; T. Westerlund

    Edge AI and Blockchain for Privacy-Critical and Data-Sensitive Applications Inproceedings

    In: 2019 Twelfth International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Network (ICMU), pp. 1-2, 2019.

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