Smart Home Hackathon 21 – 23 November, Torino

November 23, 18:00  – “The final result”

TheWasnLab team presented the Voilà project to a jury of technical and business man. It was a great experience for everyone. There was the possibility of working together to deisgner, technicians, economists, point to bring to the project. Being a small research group (for now) it was not possible to compete against startups established for years. But our voice was heard. Let some photos to share you this experience.


Here the presentation done during the final exposition


This is the app developed during the hackathon:


November 22, 11:00  – “Happy Coding” 

TheWasnLab team started brainstorming, designing and coding for the Voilà Project  !
They are working on several aspects at the same time (IoT protocols, Arduino, Android, User Interfaces etc …) to build up and integrate all the modules for  Smart Home and Smart Safety Kitchen.


November 21 – First Day Review

We have a team and a project for #shh_2014 !
With 26 received votes, our project titled “Voilà” (as our existing IoT Open Source Project), officially started. The project will be focused on a Smart Safety Kitchen with innovative and cool functionalities for the Smart Home environment.

Stay tuned for more updates and Happy Coding to our team !

November 21, 17:00

We are happy to announce that our team “TheWasnLab” is ready to participate to the Smart Home Hackathon (link) in Turin !

With this page we will try to make a complete coverage of the event and of the ideas coming from our team.

You can follow us also on Twitter with our official account @WasnLab and using the tags #TheWasnLab and #shh_2014 !

Good Luck to everyone and in particular to Mirko, Mattia, Federico, Andrea e Nicola !