ferrari martalo belli  parisi
Prof. Gianluigi Ferrari
Marco Martalò, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Laura Belli, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Federico Parisi, Ph.D.
Research Associate
davoli strozzi cilfone alinovi
Luca Davoli, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Nicolò Strozzi
Ph.D. Student
Antonio Cilfone
Ph.D. Student
Davide Alinovi, Ph.D.
Research Associate
codeluppi calzavara carpi
Gaia Codeluppi
Ph.D. Student
Gabriele Calzavara
Ph.D. Student
(co-advised by Prof. L. Consolini)
Fabrizio Carpi
Research Associate


nicoli Alessandro Nicoli (Research Associate, 2017-2018).
pesci Marco Pesci (Research Associate, 2017-2018).
tripodi Carlo Tripodi (Research Associate, 2016-2017). Research engineer at ASK Group (since 2017).
iotti Nicola Iotti (Ph.D. Student, 2014-2016). Co-founder and CTO of Guglielmo srl (since 2004) and Caligoo srl (since 2016), Barco (RE), Italy.
forte Andrea G. Forte (Ph.D. Student, 2013-2016). Researcher at AT&T Security Research Center (2013-2016) and at a start-up in New York City (since 2016), NY, USA
asim Muhammad Asim (Ph.D. Student, 2012-2015). Researcher in Pakistan (since March 2016)
gorrieri Andrea Gorrieri (Ph.D. Student, 2012-2015). Research engineer at B810 srl, Reggio Emilia, Italy (since January 2016)
cattani Luca Cattani (Ph.D. Student, 2012-2015 – Advisor: R. Raheli). Post-doc at the Department of Indutrial Engineering, University of Parma (2016)
cirani Simone Cirani (Post-doc, 2012-2015). Research engineer at Guglielmo srl, Barco (RE), Italy (since May 2015). Co-founder of Caligoo srl, Barco (RE), Italy (since February 2016).
profile_bw_150_200 Marco Picone (Post-doc, 2012-2015). Research engineer at Guglielmo srl, Barco (RE), Italy (since May 2015). Co-founder of Caligoo srl, Barco (RE), Italy (since February 2016).
monica Mirko Mancin (Ph.D. student, 2014-2015). Withdrew from the Ph.D. program in March 2015
monica Stefania Monica (Ph.D. student, 2012-2015). Post-doc at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Parma, Parma, Italy (since February 2015)
gonizzi Pietro Gonizzi (Ph.D. student, 2012-2015). Research engineer at Elettric80 spa, Viano (RE), Italy (2015-2016). Consultant for Altran (since 2016)
giuberti Matteo Giuberti (Ph.D. student, 2011-2014; Research Associate, 2014). Research engineer at XSens Technologies B.V., Enschede, The Netherlands (since April 2014)
giuberti Giovanni Spigoni (Ph.D. student, 2011-2014). IT specialist at Comune di Reggio Emilia, Reggio Emilia, Italy (since January 2014) and Guglielmo srl, Barco (RE), Italy (2014-2015)
busanelli Stefano Busanelli (Ph.D. student, 2008-2011; Research Associate, 2011-2012). R&D Director at Guglielmo srl, Barco (RE), Italy (since September 2012). Co-founder of Caligoo srl, Barco (RE), Italy (since February 2016)
medagliani Paolo Medagliani (Ph.D. student, 2007-2010). Advanced Studies Engineer at THALES Communication and Security, Paris, France (2012-2014); Research Engineer at Huawei Mathematical and Algorithmic Sciences Lab, France Research Center, Paris (since 2015)