2014-03 – Spigoni PhD

March 2014

Giovanni Spigoni receives his PhD in Information Technologies from the University of Parma, with the thesis “Integration of Heterogeneous Networks: Protocols, Technologies, and Applications.” Fourth PhD graduate of WASN Lab.

2014-03 – CISCO donation

March 2014

WASN Lab has been granted, as a donation (over 50k$) by CISCO, an extension of the testbed with 12 high-end WiFi Access Points and controller servers to support and deploy CISCO CMX indoor localization system inside the department. The appliances provided by CISCO will be integrated with the ongoing activities on Internet of Things.

2013-04 – The paper “Impact of the number of beacons in PSO

April 2013

The paper “Impact of the number of beacons in PSO-based auto-localization in UWB networks”, by S. Monica and G. Ferrari, receives the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on the Applications of Evolutionary Computation (EvoApplications13), Track on Nature-inspired Techniques for Communication Networks and other Parallel and Distributed Systems (EvoCOMNET 2013), held in Vienna, Austria.